Business Intelligence

ES views BI, Big Data and R&D projects as strategies and not as simple technological advances.

It therefore seems essential to establish project limits as to the business processes which need to be implemented or optimized, and to the ROI. We aim for its impact to be as coherent as possible.

Business Intelligence

ES provides business expertise, both functional and technical, to address issues from data extraction through to visualization, using cutting-edge tools.

  • Our team of BI consultants aims to define the business expectations and the scope of a project, to design the most effective solution using workshops and prototypes.
  • Relying on this preliminary work, our consultants will select, develop and implement all the techniques as well as the most effective tools, from data extraction through to report creation.
  • Tools for data visualization must be user-friendly and flexible. They must also include advanced functions, such as a budget planner to guide the user in the decision-making.

Big Data

We introduce you to the big data by providing customized solutions to respond to your business issues. To do that, we create specific architectures, a wide choice of effective tools and develop algorithms that shed light on hitherto unexplored data.